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Where it all began...


Although we are no longer involved in rural property services, farm contracting or council rural services we are happy to assist you with recommendations for contractors. If you need specialized farm contracting work that you don't have time to do yourself, or you have work that requires specialized knowledge, please contact us  we are happy to recommend an experienced contractor who can help.


Bill and Vicki collecting the Te Puke Business Excellence Supreme Award
In 2004 our company was awarded New Zealand contractor of the year; after achieving the record for the highest maize yield for New Zealand in 2003.  We followed up that success by also winning the 2010 Business of the Year Award as well as the Te Puke Business Excellence Supreme Award. 


Bill Webb and his experienced team will help you achieve maximum yields, now, and into the future. Over the years we've worked with pretty much every type of pasture, soil type and terrain, and we enjoy sharing this knowledge with you. We have a broad perspective of what's required and have the best equipment and crew to manage it all. Our innovative and professional approach also means you'll get the best mix of modern farming methods and technology with traditional tried and true practices. 

Why not meet with us to really talk about your supplementary feed requirements, especially If you're new to farming. Give us a call  because you're in this for the long haul - and so are we. We'll help ensure you get the supplementary stock feed to suit your individual requirements from the start and you will reap the rewards later.

As you can see, having us working alongside you to help fulfill your supplementary feed requirements is a simple decision.  

A great team produces great results

Bill Webb

Bill on his old Crop Master tractor, 1976.In 1976 Bill started this business when he was just 14 years old, and still at school. He saved his pocket money and brought an old Crop Master tractor, worked on it and got it going.

He then fixed up an old mower and baler and started work on the family farm, weekends and school holidays, before he knew it was doing the neighbours hay. His business grew from there.

Back then Bill felt contractors had got a bad name, and wanted to create a contracting company that provided innovative, professional, and high-results services to help farmers achieve their goals.

It was a challenge, and led to the successful contracting company that he ran up until May 2011 where a change in direction after almost 30 years of contracting was in the wind.   Now moving forward as Bill Webb Feed Solutions to soley growing and supply supplementary feed to the clients he used to contract for, as well as many more around the North Island.

"We want to be a perpetual guiding star for farmers and the industry."

Vicki Webb

Vicki joined Bill the business in 1993 as the financial administrator coming from a background of accounts administration and accounting software training. Bill and Vicki later married and Vicki has continued to work in the business ever since.

James Wright
Sales and Marketing

James has come to us with a background in sales and business management acquired over many years. Having grown up in a farming family from a small farming community North of Auckland he also has knowledge of farming and agricultural practices. He has many years of business experience having owned a number of companies including having owned and operated a transport company for 7 years. Like ourselves James prides himself on great service and going the extra distance for the customer. 

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